Blade protectors

Blade sheaths may seem to be simple products, but it’s all in the precision. They need to fit snugly against the blade to ensure the user’s safety.

Tràfilo has a wide range of products in polyethylene, in a variety of colours, all characterized by the maximum precision. We produce a variety of sizes for all types of blade, from bi-metallic blades to blades for woodcutting. Our sheaths cover blades from 6×0.65 mm to 80×1.60 mm.

The low-density polyethylene (LDPE) we use for our blade sheaths has all the qualities needed for this type of use. It is flexible but at the same time very strong.

We offer you the best blade sheaths most suitable to your needs.

The low friction coefficient of this material and the carefully designed shapes facilitate the insertion of the blade. This is essential in automated production processes where any jamming would stop the machine causing loss of productivity.