Safety Doors

Another sector in which Tràfilo has been present for a long time. We were among the first companies to produce magnetic seals for security doors, we significantly improved their performance in terms of airtightness, watertightness, thermal insulation and noise reduction.


We design our seals according to the performance we want to achieve.


Always synonymous with safety for home and family, modern security doors perform their function in total harmony with the latest design concepts.

We consider it essential that we make seals which aesthetically match the leading security door models without impinging on their performance.

Our many years of experience in successful pursuit of our goals have enabled us to overcome huge challenges such as:

  • insulating the home from outside noise by using seals with two or three chambers,
  • always keeping the rain on the outside,
  • eliminating draughts with seals that adjust to the gap between door and frame,
  • using materials with low thermal transmittance so as to eliminate the formation of condensation on out profiles,
  • making seals and profiles that harmonise with the design of the door.


Tràfilo has been the market leader for many years and produces a wide range of seals for most brands of security door:

  • seals for rebates and acoustic seals,
  • magnetic seals,
  • profiles in TPE and PVC, soft and rigid, extruded and co-extruded,
  • airtight and watertight seals

We are continuously working with our customers on the design and manufacture of our seals for security doors.


All our products are made to satisfy our customers’ requirements, providing bespoke solutions for easy installation.

An example is the use of magnetic rebate seals in the frame of the security door. This makes assembly easier since it avoids the use of screws or adhesives.