The word ‘sealing seal’ reveals this product’s essential function: insulation – crucial in refrigeration for keeping food fresh and minimising energy consumption..

We are continuously investing in the development of new applications for the refrigeration sector.

A concept such as ‘thermal break’ is fundamental for a refrigerated cabinet to ensure minimal energy consumption. The use of plastics for this has expanded from simple seals to the manufacture of complete frames.

This has enabled us to consolidate our know how in the manufacture of complex structural products and new designs that could not be made with the old type of metal structure. The suitable material for this purpose is PVC, thanks to its lightness, strength and complete recyclability.

One of the most notable achievements in this sector is the hybrid plastic-steel profile. Indispensable for eliminating condensation in the frame rebates of high-performance refrigerators, such products require mastery of highly complex manufacturing techniques.

Due to our extensive experience in co-extruded magnetic and non-magnetic profiles, Tràfilo has a wide range of products:

  • zinc coated iron sheets co-extruded with rigid PVC,
  • profiles co-extruded with double-sided adhesive,
  • profiles in rigid PVC,
  • gseals and other ad-hoc solutions made to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

All our seals are designed in collaboration with our customers’ technical departments to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality.

From the wholesale industry to catering to retrofitting in general, we offer PVC products that help to solve the problem of condensation.

Equally important is the energy saving which our sealing profiles can achieve. We satisfy the latest standards for energy use and environmental protection.