Plastic Profile for the Industry

Industry has always been our partner par excellence. Thanks to that, we gained, in the last thirty years, the experience in plastic profiles that every day we make available to our customers.

Plastic profiles for industry has always been Trafilo’s core business.

We have developed and optimised our production to meet the requests of industry. Through high technology applications we have learned to achieve the required goals. This is why our products can satisfy the customer’s requests.

We make plastic profile to meet industrial needs.

Our main products include:

  • extruded and co-extruded products in rigid Pvc, plasticised products, thermoplastic rubbers, polyethylene and ABS,
  • magnetic seals in TPE, co-extruded magnetic profile in PVC,
  • co-extruded products in rigid PVC mated with sheet steel,
  • extruded profile in blended wood/PVC, PVC/ABS and PVC/EPDM.

Our products have to satisfy all kinds of requests and have all kind of properties, such as:

  • grip,
  • insulation,
  • coupling,
  • locking,
  • finish,
  • water/airtightness,
  • protection,
  • slide,
  • transfer etc.