Elevated Floors

Elevated floors, also known as floating floors, are being used more and more in offices, industrial buildings and houses. They are chosen because:

  • they are modular and flexible for use in any environment,
  • they are easy and quick to lay,
  • they can be used as technical spaces for industrial areas,
  • then provide excellent noise and heat insulation,
  • they enjoy tax advantages in the same way as movable partition walls.

These floors are raised from the subfloor by a chequered metal grid. The metal cross-members are interconnected by square support structures fixed to adjustable feet.

On this grid rests the floor, which is made from calcium sulphate panels topped with a finishing surface that can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, laminate, linoleum, ceramic, stone, carpet or glass.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of seals for elevated floors.

Tràfilo produces for this field sound-deadening and anti-dust seals seals that are placed on crosspieces and over that can be placed the floor.

The function of the seal is to separate the floor surface panel from the metallic structure beneath.

The material used is low density polyethylene which can be supplied on request with conductive or self-extinguishing properties.

With our experience in high-productivity lines, we can guarantee quality and functionality for all our elevated floor seals.